A Conversation With Tsvetomira Gyaurova, INDUSTRIA's HR Specialist

Gain insights into the career journey and experiences of Tsvetomira Gyaurova, an HR Specialist at INDUSTRIA, as she emphasizes the significance of effective communication, empathy, and continuous learning in the field of HR.

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We had the opportunity to interview Tsvetomira Gyaurova, HR Specialist at INDUSTRIA, to gain insights into her career journey and experiences in the field of HR. Tsveti shares her early life experiences, the challenges she faced, and the qualities she believes are essential for a successful HR professional.

1. Tsveti, tell us about your early life and how you found the path to a career in HR.

After I graduated high school, I started studying Software Engineering in the Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics at Sofia University. However, after a year and a half, I realized that my passion was not Software Development, and I dropped out. I decided to start studying Business Administration again at Sofia University. However, I had a couple of months until the start of the academic year, and I wanted to start working. I applied to a couple of positions, some in IT recruitment because I was always interested in psychology and have had knowledge of technology. My first job was related only to sourcing potential candidates and cold-calling them. Since then, I have been climbing the ladder in my professional career. Currently, I am an HR Specialist here at INDUSTRIA.

2. What were the biggest challenges for you in your career? How did you overcome them?

One of the biggest challenges for me in my career was to learn to negotiate. Every candidate has different expectations related to work-life balance, salary, benefits, and working conditions. However, sometimes there are differences in the expectations and what the position is actually offering. While at my previous job at one outsourcing company, I listened a lot to how more senior recruiters negotiated. They gave me different tips and tricks, and maybe the most important ones that I use often are:

Know details about the company, the team, and the product you are offering.

Listen to the other person, ask, and understand their priorities before starting the negotiation process.

Picture from Tsveti's time in Barcelona.

Picture from Tsveti's time in Barcelona.

3. What qualities do you think are essential for being a successful HR professional?

A lot of qualities are essential for a successful HR professional. Among the most important attributes, I believe communication skills, empathy, the desire to learn and develop oneself, and having thick skin are crucial. Strong communication skills are particularly important as they enable effective interaction and understanding with others. Additionally, being empathetic allows HR professionals to connect with individuals on a deeper level and understand their needs.

Having a thick skin is a vital skill to have as an HR. It is something I am personally working on, as it involves maintaining objectivity and reacting rationally in various situations. Working with people can be challenging at times, as there are situations beyond our control. It can be difficult to navigate disagreements or challenging circumstances. However, having a “thick skin” allows HRs to remain unaffected by others' emotions, problems, and issues, enabling them to approach situations with a level head.

Despite the challenges, being an empathetic individual has its advantages. It allows HRs to share in the joy of others when they are happy. This ability to empathize with others' emotions creates a positive environment and fosters stronger relationships within the workplace.

4. What is your favorite part of your career as an HR Specialist?

Frankly, I don’t have a favorite part. However, I like being helpful to candidates and colleagues and creating various processes. Every day is different for me. The position is challenging, sometimes really nerve-wracking, but it’s rewarding when you see that people feel good about their work conditions. 

As an HR Specialist, there is always something new to learn, create, and start. These are probably my favorite parts of the position.

5. What processes do you use to manage a successful remote team?

Managing a global workforce presents unique challenges that require a specific approach, with one of the most significant challenges being effective communication. In a traditional office setting, informal interactions during breaks or over a cup of coffee allow for casual conversations unrelated to work projects or specific tasks, providing an opportunity to connect on a personal level. However, even in an online environment, it is possible to foster such informal communication.

One approach I came across is the concept of scheduling meetings specifically dedicated to casual conversation, sometimes referred to as "Vibe meetings." These meetings are not focused on any particular agenda but rather provide a designated time for team members to talk about whatever they want. This practice has shown positive results in terms of team motivation.

In fact, I have personally experienced such meetings in my previous company. As a team of around 7-8 recruiters, we would have hour-long sessions where we could freely discuss various topics while enjoying a cup of tea or coffee. These meetings created a sense of friendship and allowed us to address anything on our minds.

In the current company, INDUSTRIA, we adopt a similar approach, however, it is  in a more informal manner. If we have a scheduled meeting or even before the meeting starts, we take the opportunity to chat and discuss matters outside of work. This informal communication helps build stronger connections and encourages open dialogue among team members.

A picture of a sunset, Tsveti took.

A picture of a beautiful sunset Tsveti took.

6. How do you balance work with life? Do you often get caught up in other people’s feelings and problems?

It’s not always easy for me to balance work with life because currently, I am in my final year of university. After that, I hope it will be a lot easier. However, I try to do it by going out with friends, traveling in Bulgaria and abroad, and playing board games. 

Tsvetomira Gyaurova, with her extensive knowledge and experience as an HR Specialist, emphasizes the importance of effective communication, empathy, continuous learning, and resilience in the HR field. Her dedication to helping candidates and colleagues, as well as her passion for creating processes, highlights the rewarding nature of her work. Tsveti's ability to balance work and personal life while staying focused on providing support is a testament to her commitment as a valued member of the INDUSTRIA team.


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