INDUSTRIA Joins CHAISE Consortium to Design Europe’s Strategy for Blockchain Skills

A strategic approach on blockchain skills development for Europe and future-proof training solutions.

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INDUSTRIA joined the CHAISE (Blockchain Skills for Europe) consortium, bringing together all European stakeholders in blockchain innovation and skills development. The CHAISE project was tasked by the European Commission to develop a new skills strategy and to address the lack of talent in blockchain and distributed ledger technologies (DLTs).

From 18-20 November, the CHAISE initiative has officially launched with its first virtual kick-off meeting. The four-year project aims to develop a strategic approach to blockchain skills development and design the missing European Blockchain Skills Strategy.

Europe is in a leading position in many sectors that can successfully apply blockchain and distributed ledger technologies, such as industry, manufacturing, agriculture and technology. At the same time, the lack of digital skills and training threatens to slow down innovation in all emerging technologies.

To close the gap, the consortium has launched the project to develop a certified training programme for blockchain and DLTs, and the first-ever “Blockchain Specialist” occupational profile.

Blockchain skills development done right

CHAISE is well-equipped for the major change introduced by blockchain. Led by the Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1 (UCBL), the consortium consists of European and global leaders in blockchain and DLTs, including industry and academic partners, sectoral organisations and communities.

The project will develop a 5-semester vocational education and training (VET) programme in 11 EU languages with an innovative approach. The CHAISE curriculum will include technical and non-technical soft skills to respond to the work environments’ specific needs.

All learning materials developed by the project will be consolidated into an open online course. CHAISE will also develop the first-ever “Blockchain Specialist” occupational profile in line with existing competences and qualification frameworks to guarantee a common language for digital skills descriptions.


As a member of the CHAISE consortium, we lead the sustaining sectoral cooperation in the long term and support the rollout of the project’s results at a national level.

Our purpose is to identify the current demand for blockchain skill, develop long-term action plans and expand blockchain culture by sharing inside industry knowledge and expertise.

Be part of the European Blockchain Skills Strategy

As a key partner in the CHAISE project, we are looking to gather feedback on the current skills gap companies face. Be part of this strategic development by sharing your blockchain experiences within your organisation and participate in the official EU survey!

Your contribution will help improve skills intelligence in the blockchain field and provide an informed basis for the formulation of training solutions and resources tailored for the sector's needs.

Take the CHAISE EU survey


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