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Find out about the latest news of the CHAISE project.

Find out about the latest news of the CHAISE project! This edition provides you with: new CHAISE publications around the upcoming CHAISE blockchain curriculum, relevant blockchain and skills-related events to attend and publications to read, CHAISE partners introducing themselves, news from related initiatives on digital skills and blockchain and CHAISE’s upcoming activities.

Our latest reports & findings

Over the last six months, the CHAISE partnership has been working on the upcoming CHAISE curriculum, drawing on the blockchain skills needs and labour market intelligence gathered during the past year.

Blockchain Learning Outcome Report

This report describes what the learners of the CHAISE curriculum should know, understand, and be able to do upon completing the CHAISE blockchain course, which will respond to current workplace requirements. The presented learning outcomes define knowledge, skills, responsibility and autonomy which learners should acquire during the learning process at the European Qualification Framework (EQF) Level 5. The learning outcomes will be grouped into learning modules (or units), that will form the CHAISE curriculum. Read the report.

CHAISE curriculum structure

The CHAISE curriculum structure was developed building on the learning outcomes previously defined. . This document defines the main requirements, methodology and structure of the CHAISE curriculum, and contains a description of the curriculum's modules. The curriculumwill have a 5 semester duration with 1,200 teaching hours and 900 hours work-based learning (equivalent to 150 ECVET).

A picture (or video) says more than a thousand words. CHAISE has visualised its main results into informative brochures and videos.

CHAISE results visualised

Brochure: CHAISE Blockchain Strategy essentials

Blockchain Skills Strategy Essentials Brochure

The essential takeaways of the CHAISE European Blockchain Skills Strategy, released in April 2022, have been summarised in a brochure. If you are short on time, this is the document to read to learn more about the strategic objectives and roadmap towards a skilled blockchain workforce. Read the brochure.

CHAISE videos

Chaise Youtube Channel

We keep releasing frequently short & informative videos on all things related to blockchain & skills, created by the CHAISE partnership, on the CHAISE YouTube channel. Watch CHAISE videos.

CHAISE consortium partners in the spotlight

In this edition, get to know more about the European DIGITAL SME Alliance and EXELIA.

Logo of European Digital SME Allience

The European DIGITAL SME Alliance (DIGITAL SME) is the largest network of ICT small and medium enterprises in Europe, representing more than 45,000 enterprises in total. The Alliance is the joint effort of 30 national and regional SME associations from EU member states and neighbouring countries to put digital SMEs at the centre of the EU agenda.

Digital Skills are among DIGITAL SME's core priorities. Through various activities, working groups, projects, events, and policy papers, DIGITAL SME addresses the fundamental need for the development of a strong skills ecosystem in Europe and for SME-centered skills policy.

Within CHAISE, DIGITAL SME is leading the communications strategy as well as its implementation. DIGITAL SME's primary role is to increase the project’s visibility by managing its communications channels and to expand sectoral collaboration.

DIGITAL SME also contributes to market-based intelligence gathering of blockchain skills needs and supply. and engages its Task Force Blockchain & DLT to validate the CHAISE results.

Logo of EXELIA

EXELIA is a creative learning solutions company based in Athens, Greece, specialising in using ICT as an enabling factor for innovation and excellence in education and training. EXELIA develops advanced educational solutions (MOOC, simulation games, OERs) and offers continuous training opportunities based on innovative pedagogical methods such as game-based learning. EXELIA also coordinates technical work in EU-funded projects, develops innovative approaches to research and international cooperation, and transforms research results/prototypes into innovative, value-added products and services.

Within the CHAISE project, EXELIA supports the project coordinator, Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1 (UCBL), in day-to-day project coordination and quality management. EXELIA also contributes to the design of research methodologies and data collection instruments, to the labour market analysis and skill needs assessment (at the national level), as well as to the design and delivery of an online course on Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technologies.

Finally, EXELIA is co-organising the formation of a Greek Blockchain Skills Partnership in collaboration with the Greek Ministry of Education and contributing to amplify the project's dissemination and awareness-raising activities.

Events & publications of the CHAISE consortium

The CHAISE consortium has selected its key events and publications to share with you.

CHAISE coordinator presented the project at the Blockchain for Europe Summit 2022

CHAISE coordinator presented the project at the Blockchain for Europe Summit 2022.

CHAISE coordinator Parisa Ghodous-Shariat Torbaghan was panellist at the Blockchain for Europe Summit 2022, which took place on 25-26October 2022. The event brought together key policymakers and industry representatives to discuss the main trends in the future of the crypto and blockchain sector in the EU.

In the panel "Real-world adoption – An overview of European Blockchain initiatives", she highlighted the importance of education for blockchain adoption, providing an overview ofCHAISE and other EU-wide initiatives aimed at forming the future class of professionals in crypto and blockchain.

CHAISE at Erasmus Days by DIEK Aigaleo

CHAISE at Erasmus Days by DIEK Aigaleo.

During the Erasmus Days 2022, DIEK Aigaleo co-organised a conference on "The road to green development for small and medium-

sized enterprises & Vocational Training", with the aim to inform about the shift towards green development of small and medium-sized enterprises and green professional skills.

During the conference, special reference was made to the CHAISE project. The importance and contribution of blockchain technology to sectors such as energy, transport, construction, agriculture, related to the green transition was highlighted.

Partners' corner

Our network has plenty of interesting publications and opportunities! We wouldn't want you to miss them.

EU Blockchain Trend Report - October 2022

Logo of EU Blockchain Trend Report - October 2022

The October Trend Report of the European Blockchain Observatory & Forum presents the latest developments in the Blockchain sector, analysing market trends, technological developments and updates on the legal and regulatory framework globally. Other new reports include Blockchain for Supply Chain Transparency & Blockchain Applications in the Automotive Sector. Read the trend report here.

8th European Blockchain Convention - 15-17 February

The 8th edition of the European Blockchain Convention, which will take place in Barcelona, will feature 200+ speakers across a variety of panels, keynotes, workshops and fire-side chats on the current state of blockchain, crypto, DeFi, NFTs, and Web 3. More information here.

Blockchain Forum at BPM 2023 - 11-15 September

Logo of 8th European Blockchain Convention

The Blockchain Forum of the International Conference on Business Process Management provides a platform for discussion and introduction of new ideas related to research directions within techniques for and applications of blockchain and DLT. The BPM 2023 will take place in Utrecht, the Netherlands. The proceedings of the 2022 Blockchain Forum edition are available here. More information here.

What's next?

In Spring 2023, CHAISE will release its blockchain curriculum: 5 semesters, 1,200 teaching hours and 900 work-based learning. CHAISE will also publish updated Blockchain Skills Forecasts. Stay tuned!


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