INDUSTRIA joins forces with Blockchain-based Service Network (BSN)

We are excited to be one of the first UK companies to partner with the BSN network and build the interconnectivity of the future.

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United in our shared vision that blockchain technology has the potential to completely change the technology landscape and open up a new era of innovation, we are excited to announce the partnership between INDUSTRIA and the Blockchain-Based Service Network (BSN). Through this partnership, INDUSTRIA aims to bring multiple BSN products to our fintech, bank, CBDC, and eBL (electronic bill of lading) clients.


Blockchain-based Service Network (BSN) is an international blockchain infrastructure project launched in 2019. The cross-cloud, cross-portal, cross-framework global infrastructure network enables companies and partners to deploy and operate all types of blockchain applications.

The BSN ecosystem includes more than 25,000 developers and 3,000+ delivered applications. The network’s mission is to help businesses from startups up to multinational enterprises build high-tech blockchain applications to solve the challenges of today and tomorrow. Enabling blockchain application development across a wide range of industries including Copyright Protection, Asset Digitalisation, Contract Management, and Supply Chain Finance, the BSN infrastructure provides interconnectivity throughout the globe and offers access to blockchain connections to every interested sector.

BSN’s vast ecosystem consists of

The network works closely with cloud service and technology providers, among which is R3, one of INDUSTRIA’s main partners.

All these ingredients of dedicated partners and complex technologies shape BSN’s four main products:

  • Empowerment Platform (BSNEP) – A system of communicational APIs with the BSN infrastructure network, that enables portal operators to build portals for developers to connect with the blockchain network.

  • Blockchain Cloud Management Platform – Blockchain production environment on a private network for internal developers and administrators.

  • Blockchain Development Sandbox – For internal developers, external customers, and partners to build and test blockchain-based applications.

  • Blockchain-based Business Network – Multilateral business networks that support information security in cross-border, and cross entity data exchange.


We are excited to introduce you to the unique partnership between INDUSTRIA and the Blockchain-based Service Network (BSN). As a UK company, we believe this collaboration will strengthen the international blockchain ecosystem and technology interconnections, and benefit all our partners from CBDCs to fintech companies in the process of blockchain transformation.

We are glad to start working together towards building public and private blockchain networks on the international landscape.


INDUSTRIA is a global technology consulting, development, and ventures company with expertise in the field of enterprise blockchain, confidential computing, process automation, and digital experience. As one of the official partners of R3, we are implementing cutting-edge blockchain technologies and reshaping the fintech world.

At INDUSTRIA, we are focused on providing permissioned blockchain solutions, such as Central Bank Digital Currencies, Electronic Bill of Lading, and Smart Legal Contracts. Our solutions apply to a wide range of industries and use cases to empower and modernise society.

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