The Manifest Highlights INDUSTRIA as One of The Most Reviewed Design Agencies in Bulgaria

We're honoured to make the list!

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Converting to digital is more than a trend that came from the lockdown years, they are essential to staying relevant and competitive in general. But not everyone is equipped with the skill required to make that pivot.

This is where our team comes in. Our team can provide the skills and tools any business needs to not only make the necessary shift but do so in a way that greatly improves their operations. This approach has proven popular with many because we’ve just been named one of the most reviewed and recommended design agencies in Bulgaria by The Manifest. 

The Manifest is a business blog site that helps companies find and select their ideal project partners. They do this by creating rankings of the top-performing businesses in various industries. These efforts work in conjunction with their awards program, which is what we’re celebrating today.

We want to take this opportunity to properly thank all our clients for making this unique award possible. Our team is well aware of the time and effort it takes to write and publish these reviews. It’s great to know there are enough people out there willing to go through all that on our behalf that we won an award because of it.

There will be higher expectations for our team moving forward, specifically because of this award. But our team is more than up for the challenge. We’re confident we already have the necessary skills, knowledge, and experience to overcome any obstacles we’ll face in the coming months.

Learn more about our team, services, and why both are earning praise from all our clients by visiting our website. Choose the partner that will facilitate your growth in the most efficient and effective way by giving us a call today.


INDUSTRIA is a global technology consulting, development, and ventures company with expertise in the field of enterprise blockchain, confidential computing, process automation, and digital experience. As one of the official partners of R3, we are implementing cutting-edge blockchain technologies and reshaping the fintech world.

At INDUSTRIA, we are focused on providing permissioned blockchain solutions, such as Central Bank Digital Currencies, Electronic Bill of Lading, and Smart Legal Contracts. Our solutions apply to a wide range of industries and use cases to empower and modernise society.

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