Rebalance Earth

Together with Rebalance Earth, we are building а global ecosystem service platform for valuing and funding keystone species.

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R3 Tooling Design System

We dedicated our knowledge to developing a client-centralised design system satisfying the needs of R3 and the Corda developers without compromising any of them.

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KnowRisk: Open-source Distributed Ledger Risk Management Platform

Together with KnowRisk, we are changing the way accountancy, insurance, and legal firms operate and make money.

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Corda Network Foundation Client Onboarding

We delivered an elegant, modern website and contextual display of supporting information with simplicity of the onboarding process.

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Building the Interface for the Digital Asset Shared Ledger

We successfully created an application with attractive and intuitive design, demonstrating the powerful capabilities of DASL - a Corda-based, regulatory-friendly digital asset shared ledger.

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Corda CDM Wrapper and DerivHack 2019

We got invited to engage in DerivHack 2019 by setting up a framework with a post-trade application on Corda and implementing the ISDA Common Domain Model for Securities.

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Intraday Liquidity Trading Build on Corda

The client aimed to create a global financial market for intraday borrowing. We delivered a scalable CorDapp with a polished interface and complex back-end system in just five weeks.

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Application for Smarter Derivatives Market and DerivHack 2018

Wе took part in a prestigious and thought-provoking DerivHack 2018 hackathon and received an award for ‘Best Pitch’ in the heart of the British capital.

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UniCredit Bulbank Public Website

In the last 15 years, we've established a long-lasting collaboration with UniCredit Bulbank and set up a perfect balance between boosting sales and delivering outstanding customer experience.

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Clean and Elegant Bank Website for Tokuda Bank

We aimed to build a user-centric web portal which addresses the most common challenges that banking websites face today.

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Digital Transformation in Banking

The project’s main objective was achieved, an easily-manageable tool that empowers users to manage their finances better. It is a success for both UniCredit and INDUSTRIA.

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CRM Systems for Renewable Energy Sources in Africa

Radically improving life in the African region through building a commercially sustainable business. The company needed an efficient CRM system.

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Humanising Ministry of Health - Bulgaria Website

It was our mission to present the rich and complex content in a comprehensive manner compliant with all legal and administrative requirements.

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