The client

We wanted to create a user-centred web portal and solve the common challenges that many banking websites face today.


Research, Strategy, User Experience, Front-end development, Back-end development, SEO, Content management, Integration, IT Operations.


Modern, interesting yet useful design. Tailored to the users' needs and achieving the banks’ business goals.


2005 - Present

User-centred web portal that solves Unicredit Bulbank challenges

The Challenge

Being a trustworthy partner of the #1 bank in Bulgaria, UniCredit Bulbank, in the last 15 years, we had to create the bank's corporate website for the third time. As INDUSTRIA has established itself as a trend-setter, our intention was to design a cutting-edge web design and set up a perfect balance between boosting sales and delivering outstanding customer experience, without compromising none of them.

The Solution

Our skilful team successfully designed an exceptional public website of UniCredit with an easy to understand architecture. We delivered intuitive, user-centric navigation for easier access to all pages, and extra features that meet the needs of a diverse audience.

Since 2005, we've successfully developed multiple websites for UniCredit Bulbank and each of them has been complex and multifaceted. In this particular project, we found the best solution to merge them all into one with a leading-edge design while sending a clear and harmonious brand message and without risking the outstanding user experience.

Clients menu in UniCredit Bulbank website
The Bank menu in UniCredit Bulbank website
Companies menu in UniCredit Bulbank website
Tools menu in UniCredit Bulbank website
Phone preview of UniCredit Bulbank engaging website homepage Phone preview of Unicredit Bulbank simple and convenient loan calculator Phone preview of UniCredit Bulbank website tools menu Phone preview of UniCredit Bulbank website interactive map with branches, ATMs and companies


A functional technology framework that allowed us to optimize our development efforts. Our main focus was on delivering a clear and user-friendly design and modular CMS structure, so the platform can be managed as simply, as LEGO(tm) blocks are built.

  • html 5
  • css 3
  • javascript
  • angular
  • python
  • django

Long-lasting Partnership

We are glad that, in the last 15 years, we've established a long-lasting collaboration with UniCredit Bulbank based on mutual trust and respect. Further, our company is behind the development of every version of their corporate website, as well as many of their digital tools.

The Results

  • Maintaining focus on customer experience.
  • Interactive and innovative tools helping the customer find the best matching products and services.
  • Responsive design that works flawlessly on desktops, tablets and mobile phones.
  • Understandable and easy to find information, written in the customer’s language.
  • Single and recognisable corporate identity across websites and tools.
  • Continued support to ensure the user journeys are fully optimised.
  • A comprehensive content management system with exceptional flexibility.
  • Funnel and conversion tracking for monitoring the key performance indicators and accurate measurement of website performance.
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