The client

The main client’s goal is to be closer to its customers, to humanise the communication, avoid heavy administrative style and difficult terminology. Our client wanted to provide better financial management, as well.


Research, Interactive Design, User Experience, Front-end development, Back-end development


It is a real success project for both UniCredit and INDUSTRIA as it created a stronger bond between the bank and its clients which boosted sales and customer satisfaction.



User-centric design of Your Financial Advisor

The Challenge

Awesome CSS tricks and SVG vector graphics all the way for best appearance. Facing cross-browser challenges for both mobile and desktop platforms.

Pushing limits of AngularJS by dealing with multilevel nested views and complexity of app routes so users feel like browsing a native application.

The Solution

Your Financial Advisor is an easily-manageable tool that empowers users to manage their finances better. It is based on the assessment of the current need through different questionnaires to provide the most suitable advice. Moreover, the tool provides a calculator for monthly payments on mortgages and loans, investment guidance and comparison between similar products on the market.


Choose what you need

Choose one of nine categories and the wizard will guide you to a short questionnaire. Each category offers a wide range of financial solutions to every need of your everyday life.


Fill in the questionnaire

Answer a few brief questions that will help to offer you the best solution. Based on your profile and needs, we will offer you the best bank, insurance or any other product.


Achieve your Goal

Every product that you see, you can order online. Confirm the selected proposal and indicate how to contact you. The generated code last step will facilitate their visit to the branch and meeting with our consultant.

Your Financial Advisor is divided into 9 different categories. Each category helps the users to find the best financial product or service according to their need.

Colour coding was one of the main tools we’ve used to organise and prioritise the content and structure of the app. Each product category has its own colour scheme.

Once the application provides the user with the best advice, the client has the option to configure or calculate the parameters of the desired product. The advisor provides calculations for consumer and mortgage loans, savings and deposit accounts, business packages and products.

Not only is the application user friendly for desktop clients, but also all of its features and functionalities work seamlessly on every mobile device.


To build Your Financial Advisor, we applied three key technologies - АngularJS, Grails, OracleDB - along with a set of UI libs for an awesome interface, to make users feel like browsing a native application.

  • html 5
  • css 3
  • angular
  • grails

The Results

The project’s main objective was achieved, namely to illustrate UniCredit Bulbank commitment to innovate and prioritize its customers’ interest.

As it's been always following these values, UniCredit Bulbank had won several awards, including “Bank of the Year” by the Association Bank of the Year, “Best Bank in Bulgaria” by international magazines Global Finance and EMEA Finance, “Best Digital Bank of consumers" by Global Finance, a bank innovation of Forbes Bulgaria, as well as “Best Bank for trade finance” according to Euromoney.

Explore the Financial Advisor

An easily-manageable tool that empowers you to manage your finances better.

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