Performance Appraisal

Transform your workplace productivity and engagement.

360 Degree Feedback

90% of Fortune 500 companies use 360 degree feedback for both employee development and performance appraisal.

Organization increasing performance is what managers and shareholders want.

Motivating and developing people within your organization is enormous effort. We would like to offer some relief. Performance Appraisal can save a company time and effort.

The Performance Appraisal Process

Appraisal Process Set and conduct the 360 degree feedback process within your organization seamlessly and hassle-free with the INDUSTRIA Performance Appraisal.

INDUSTRIA offers one of the best tools available on the market for that allows setting up and conducting the full process of assessment of employees within an organization.
Set-up organization structure and enter  people and their roles.
Create questionnaires according to your requirements and employee levels.
Define participants in the feedback and send invitations to team members.
Monitor the feedback process and get periodical results and analysis.


Align your objectives and employee check-ins. Get real-time feedback and hassle-free performance reviews of your team.
Cloud based
No need to purchase, install or maintain expensive software. Per employee and per month, as long as you have it. Scale as you go.
Industry standard security, anti-virus software, 256-bit encryption. We host your data in a secure UK data centre. Fully compliant to the UK Data Protection Act of 1998.
Integrated with your system
We can import your data from Excel or any database, Active Directory, HR software, etc.


Easiness of access
INDUSTRIA Performance Appraisal is available for desktop computers, tablets and smart phones. You can access the tool, evaluate team members and provide analysis at any time anywhere.
Assessment cycles, assessment forms are defined by the administrators (HR managers or consultants).
Sending notifications and alerts and the distribution of forms is fully automatic, online and paperless.
Allows monitoring of progress and real-time reports.
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