Interactive video, voice, messaging, and interactive data sharing for banks and other financial institutions.


The typical scenario of use is a customer wants to get information regarding a particular offering on the (bank) website, within the desktop or mobile banking software. The customer can ask questions using the chat functionality then, any available agent can pick up the request from an overview, answer the questions, and show them around using co-browsing. No plugins, no apps or anything special are necessary.

TrueCustomerExperience is capable to handle both incoming and outbound calls. TrueCustomerExperience allows customers to interact directly with the bank brand through live-video experiences transforms tired one-way marketing campaigns. We help customers and drive repeat purchases with exciting bank interactions.


Our product has many applications: It can be used by sales professionals, partner network, branch network, in the call centre, as a customer service, and internally. Whether bank customers need retirement planning, portfolio management or have an account question, customers will never again have to worry about the hassle of long lines or clunky third-party software. What’s more video-based services not only improve the banking experience for existing customers, it also extends business opportunities to a much wider audience.
High touch, low cost (When your needs reaches volume scale, you'll automatically get volume pricing).
Convenient and simple for bank end users (fast and interactive, no apps needed).
Integrates seamlessly into your trusted interface (call centre software, SIP, etc.).
Enables secure customer connections.
Can be installed on our cloud or in bank premises.


Industry leading, feature rich video calls. High quality and scalable video communications within the context of your bank web and mobile applications.
Secure streaming
Multi-party support
Secure archiving
Corporate network compliant
High quality of the call
Endpoints and integration with your call centre software are supported
Customizable look and feel
High quality industry leading voice solution.
Dynamic clear calls
Secure streaming
Optimized user interface
Escalation to video
Screen Sharing
Conversations with context that help knowledge sharing.
Easy enables collaboration
Can be tailored around your bank necessities
You can share both documents, web pages and other content
Can be used for classrooms, seminars, media, e-learning and events
No plugins are needed
Above the traditional live chat.
Manage call queues
Integrate moderation controls
Power text chat
Advanced call logic
Escalation to audio and video
No third-party plugins are needed
Easily record live calls (chat, video, audio) for later playback.
Store conversations for monitoring and auditing
Create content for distribution. For example you can interview someone once, distribute it to your whole team
Allow for quality control by recording and monitoring customer service calls
Recording in real time
Automated distribution
High quality
Scalable robust and reliable
Admin Interface
TrueCustomerExperience offers functionality based on the role that you log in with. Agents will just see those elements that they need for their daily work, team supervisors and admin users are provided with more functions and broader operational data access, etc.
Team monitoring and availability monitoring
Agent queue and forwarding of chats, calls and video
Statistics and session feedback
Audit trail
Email and SMS notifications
Customizable UI
Skill set for the different teams and agent
Available on INDUSTRIA cloud or installed locally
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