Software and services for the secure sharing of information.


Using software with an unrivalled record for secure online banking, the TrueDataShare™ software and services solution by INDUSTRIA can be used in various sectors and in many business scenarios, including but not limited to :
Virtual data rooms for M&A transactions
Sharing of commercial information with partners and regulators
Strong data protection
Shield against cyber-crime
What makes our software exceptional is the ease of use and the globally recognized proficiency in information security.
Security and Audit
Unique user and time-stamp watermarks are integrated into the DNA of each document. All user activity is permanently audited.
Settings of Rights
Setting of rights per individual user, or team to ensure that each has the appropriate level of access to secure and encrypted.
Archiving and Data Requests
Structured archiving allows corporate memory and facilitates future information migration.
Access Across Devices
Access on any device and platform, including Windows, iOS, Blackberry and Android.

For Professional Service & Advisory Firms

For Professional Services & Advisory firms, increased price competition, practice efficiency, commoditisation, technology replacing staff and work being done in-house are permanent business trends. At the same time increasing likelihood of cybersecurity breaches risk damaging professional firms' market reputations.
Use TrueDataShare™ as a managed solution, to be offered to your clients, by you, as your branded solution.
Provide your clients with secure virtual data rooms for transactions.
Provide your clients with a secure document platform for disclosing and working on documents on multi-jurisdictional matters with multiple third parties.
Provide your clients with secure document hosting for construction or project consortium documents.
Provide document discovery in litigation in a secure and audited environment. In each case, the solution can use your branding.

For Start-ups, Corporates & Multinational Companies

Requiring more and more information, resulting in sensitive technical and commercial information being provided to third parties outside of the corporate network. In each case, the solution can use your branding.
Use TrueDataShare™ as a secure and fully audited data disclosure solution to protect against data loss and breaches.
When dealing with potential partners, contractors, financing parties and investors, use TrueDataShare™ to provide initial and complete company information in an environment that allows open and transparent disclosure, whilst protecting against cyber-crime and breaches of confidentiality.


All the functionality needed by single projects or transactions to permanent, multiple, and full corporate use.

TrueDataShare™ is available for customer online sign-up, provisioning and management, with information fully controlled by your organization.
User Management
Receive different levels of access and corresponding action permissions on a group or individual basis.
Convert all common file types into protected file formats, 256-Bit SSL file encryption, with permanent anti-virus protection.
Use your own corporate identity or transaction identity. Custom branding, logos and watermarks on all downloadable documents.
Fast and flexible
It only takes 10 minutes to deploy your data room - in any computer, browser or mobile device and with no plug-ins required.
Easy to use
Uploads via drag and drop – two clicks and you will import your entire index structure.


Let us do the heavy lifting for you.

Our managed services ensure that the set up and management of your virtual data rooms runs smoothly and successfully. We can create and structure data virtual data rooms for you, manage access rights and deal with all process administration. Subject to location (Europe, UK or Gulf Area), we can also provide physical document collection and scanning.
Document Collection and Liaison
On-site support with the organization of paper records. We deal with all of the administration and liaison involved in setting up a data room.
User Set-up
Real time oversight of user activity. We prepare all user permissions and access rights, and provide 24 hour access support.
Administration and coordination
Full administrative support to facilitate the smooth operation of a data room including coordination of user questions.
Litigation Support and Back-up
TrueDataShare™ can securely store electronic copies of data rooms for up to 7 years and provide legal reports on disclosure and access from audit logs.
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