The enterprise blockchain systems we are developing allow management of contract life cycles such as swap's post-trade processing and control over trade finance agreements. Corda's great potential is also used for various use cases in the payments including cross-border transactions, RTGS (real-time gross settlement) systems, and CBDC (central bank digital currencies).

Capital Markets

Take advantage of direct transactions, strict privacy, reduced transaction and record-keeping costs, and streamlined business operations. As Corda is designed specifically for highly-regulated environments, it's been used by capital markets such as NASDAQ and DDCM.


We successfully eliminate a significant part of the paperwork and processing in the insurance ecosystems. So far, we’ve developed prototypes of sophisticated Trade Credit Insurance process automation software and an application for Directors and Officers Liability Insurance on distributed ledger technology.

Supply Chain

We grant the platform for recording verifiable, trusted and permanent data across all synergetic parties in the supply chain. By managing issues showing provenance information and creating automatic audit and encapsulating business rules into blockchain transactions, we are building more resilient supply chain networks.

Trade Finance

By implementing the distributed ledger technology Corda, we unlock new potential for bringing meaningful efficiencies to the underlying processes in Trade Finance. With smart contracts on Corda, we are solving issues like payments, deliveries, delivery vs. payments, timing, and currency exchanges.


We offer tailored healthcare solutions that help you handle the industry’s 3 trouble spots - Health Records Exchange, Pharmaceutical Supply Chain, and Claims Management. With the enterprise blockchain technology, we are solving problems with consistency, implementing complex rules and procedures while retaining a patient’s privacy.


We assist public sector institutions to benefit from the enterprise blockchain for various use cases like land, mortgage, or car titles. Corda is displaying supremacy in government compliance through a blend of using encryption protocols and the Java platform. This was recognised by the US Government to match the Federal Cryptographic Information Processing Standards. Corda is also developed with GDPR in mind.

Construction and Real Estate

By using Corda as an underlying technology, we address the issues in the Construction & Real Estate industries by providing a platform for sharing data about the progress of the works, smart financing, payments, building trust between all parties, and protecting any data's confidentiality by transferring it on a need-to-know basis.


Using Corda, we sustain the energy future by reviving energy trading, improving back-office systems, digitalising assets and facilitating peer-to-peer interactions while boosting efficiencies. For example, we are building for a client an application designed to improve the verification and exchange of renewable energy certificates (REC) for the U.S. voluntary market. Our solution is an implementation of R3’s distributed ledger platform, Corda.


Standing on Corda, we carry telecoms into the digital age by allowing IoT device management, edge computing capabilities, cross-carrier payment networks, streamlining 5G network distribution, and inter-carrier clearing performance. Through this solution, wholesale carriers generate attractive opportunities by embracing digital transformation to deliver new products and services, and superior experiences for their customers.

Other Markets and Ecosystems

By building on Corda, we empower entire markets to move to shared processes where every party involved in a transaction within these groups of organisations is aware what and when happened, with no need for an intermediary. Thus we can develop the blockchain transaction layer with smart contacts that control data sharing policies within basically every transaction-based industry.

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Petko Karamotchev

Petko Karamotchev


One of the founders of the enterprise blockchain/ DLT consultancy and development company INDUSTRIA, Petko Karamotchev has 20 years of experience in financial services and enterprise IT. Holds degrees from the University of Portsmouth, UK and Cotrugli Business School, Croatia. Free-market advocate and part-time social theorist.

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