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Powerful solutions for delivering amazing apps.

Cross-Platform Mobile Applications

INDUSTRIA offers hybrid application development. It employs native app features and capabilities and serves to put companies and developers on the path towards adoption of HTML5 mobile app development.

Instead of doing the app from scratch for each mobile platform, developers are writing part of the app’s code in HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript. This gives them the ability to reuse it across multiple mobile operating systems. This approach reduces the development costs significantly.
UI framework designed and optimized for mobile devices.
An AngularJS front-end JavaScript framework for scalable and fast applications.
A compiler for native mobile applications with CSS, HTML, and JavaScript.

Cross-Browser Mobile Apps

Great mobile applications are more than lines of code and pretty design. In order to deliver excellent performance we have gathered one of the greatest development team, and all our specialists are on a high alert to deliver the full range of mobile services. We use popular frameworks like Ionic Framework, AngularJS and WebAPI and start with functional mockups and deliver working applications.

We wrap up these HTML5 applications with PhoneGap technology. Our clients can download their app from the various app stores (Apple iOS, Android, Windows Phone).

Enterprise Mobility

Mobile applications have become an integral part of the way your end users work. Given the proliferation of applications in the enterprise, IT must move beyond static app distribution to meet the app security, management and productivity requirements of organizations today.
We can Integrate the enterprise mobile apps with your existing IT systems
They can communicate with bar code scanners, micro kiosks, payments systems and RFID
Enable wireless data connection for manufacturing, warehousing, transportation, and distribution businesses
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