What We Do

We build binding agreements and other documents. Parts of them are replaced with computer code that can listen to real-time business and environment events, pull in information from external systems or databases, perform calculations, or kick off downstream actions based on logic.

How Are We Different

We don't just turn contracts into structured data by replacing unstructured text. Above all, we build the necessary digital infrastructure, as well as implement new tools to allow both legal professionals and software engineers to draft digitised contracts.

What Is Our Toolkit

We are members of the Accord Project - open ecosystem enabling anyone to freely build smart legal agreements and records on a technology-neutral platform. It consists of Cicero - the Smart Legal Contract templating system, and the Ergo domain-specific language for legal logic.


The superior connection between contracts and key business processes

We are connecting contracts again with the main business processes and operations in the organisation. This improves efficiency, increases the pace of business, reduces the cost of errors of the disconnect between the legal prose and the real world.

Enhanced structure of legal contracts

We are improving the structure of legal contracts and creating a system to reason about them. This is the base for automated contract checking and even automating of contract negotiation.

Complete value leakage prevention

We are helping you perform actions after signature, while also enabling you to prevent value leakage by automatically enforcing key contract provisions such as discounts, charge-backs, credits, and more.

Key Deliverables


Workflow Efficiency

Auto pricing modifications, data reconciliation, authentication, and other contract operations.

Error Elimination

Automate strict compliance with exact details of contractual requirements.

Systems Consolidation

Reduced data silos and fewer systems to perform contractual duties and related operations.


Improved Relationships

Enhanced customer-supplier relations due to reduced manual performance, transparency via real-time reporting tools and data sharing.

Long-term Value

Commercial relationships adjusted and improved in real-time, continuous visibility into all contract events.


Working Capital Improvements

Increased on-time receivables, ability to meet obligations quicker, capturing of early payment discounts, interest rate reductions for payables.

Risk Mitigation

More accurate projections with structured financial and other data from contracts.


Significantly reduced operating costs and higher revenue by auto-enforcing contract terms.

Our Process

  • We are structuring both the digital and the physical assets in a way to make the contracts “alive” and responsive to events from the “outside” world as they happen (for example connect them to an IoT device). Contracts can be connected to identity checks for easy compliance and digital experience.

  • The drafting process is completed by the open-source implementation of the Accord Project Template Specification (Cicero). It's a computer language specifically developed for writing smart legal contracts (Ergo), an open-source library of legal clauses and contracts and an open-source Models Repository carrying standard reusable data models.

  • By providing these tools, we digitise new or existing legal contracts, connect them to various web services, and then deploy them to a cloud or a digital ledger platform like Corda.

  • Part of the contractual terms can be encoded and inserted on the blockchain. They should be then defined as true and effective by the system. Once the conditions are met, the execution of what has been agreed by the contracting parties follows.

  • Smart Clauses are smoothly inserted into a contract to automate actions, provide real-time visibility, and join contacts to external systems from within contracts.

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Our solutions are designed to revolutionise the legal contracts and to deliver business value growth in no time.

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