What We Do

We are into delivering 360° design solutions - from user-centric blockchain and enterprise applications that are not just functional but also esthetic, to multiplex design systems. Online and mobile banking platforms, trading platforms, asset tokenisation systems, DLT applications, virtual data rooms - you name it!

How Are We Different

Unlike most of the enterprise solutions that are technically exceptional but unattractive and outdated, we ensure high functionality matches the polished design that triggers the user. We are also able to define, position and address our clients’ needs at an early stage by applying behavioural science to customer experience.

What Is Our Toolkit

From Adobe XD, Sketch, InVision, Balsamiq to a simple napkin - our armoury of design technologies is rich. But our expertise is also in the productive and transparent collaboration we conduct with the client - through extensive testing, exploratory workshops, and more.


Unexpected extras

Along with solving unsolvable UX problems, our work approach is driving our clients into unexpected discoveries about their businesses through prior ideation workshops.

Seamless communication

In the process, we are using tools that ease and fasten communication with the clients. We interact in a crystal-clear way by allowing them to see results from Day One.

Customer centricity

We assure increased customer engagement by investing the time and effort into discovering their urging problems. This could save hundreds of hours spent on code modification and change requests.

Secure timeless design

We stick to the concept of timeless design and deliver additional tip-off to secure the product’s scalability.

Design Systems

We are developing complex design systems that enable teams to build exceptional products faster by making design reusable - reusability makes scale and efficiency possible. Further, these design systems ensure the interface is functional, its development is fast and frictionless, the UI consistency is kept through various apps and projects, and components behave well in high-risk scenarios. Besides the technical and operational advantages, a design system elevates brands and helps them deliver the mission, vision and values to their customers and employees.

Digitalising Brand Management

We help our clients to develop brands that send the right message. A unified omnichannel experience demonstrates consistency, determination and credibility. All artefacts of a brand - from the applications to the website, to the office interior and collateral must be an ambassador of each company's ideas and values. We can help with advancing and maintaining the cohesive brand experience every company deserves.

Our Process

  1. Initial research and analysis to touch base

    We define both business and users priorities and outline the beneficial solutions for the specific use case, and often discover new, unforeseen opportunities for business growth.

  2. Bring data architecture to a whole new level

    Through Agile practices, we design ground-breaking user journeys, formed around the client's business needs. Our talent is in composing very complex data architectures, sometimes consisting hundreds of screens.

  3. In seamless interaction we trust

    We shape a clear and efficient dialogue between the user and the app. We analyze, arrange the information, define workflows, set the app logic, as well as its principles.

  4. Neatest design for forward-thinking businesses

    “Form follows function” has always been our mantra, but it doesn't mean we compromise on aesthetics. Our experience has taught us that neat and friendly UI creates an emotional bond with the user, which leads to increased efficiency, productivity, customer satisfaction and last but not least it drives sales.

  5. Front end that users enjoy to bits

    With strong attention to detail, we always deliver best-in-class products, regardless of the technical requirements and the complexity of the project.

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