Web Application Development

Complex solutions made easy.

Information Architecture and Content

During this phase INDUSTRIA focuses on organizing, structuring, and labelling content in an effective and sustainable way. The end-result of this phase is the development of static wireframe prototype of the application.
Analysis of the preliminary provided information
Mapping all pages on the website map
Defining navigation and functionality
Defining the contents on all page templates and creating wireframes
Creation of the functional specification

User Experience and Building User Interface

During this phase we develop the interaction design and the visual design.
Use the corporate identity of your company or develop one from scratch
Structure the main frame, navigational elements and informational components
Create design for the taste and mindset of your target audience 
Design fitting all sizes of screens and devices even retina displays 

Front-End Programming

We care about details, web standards and end-users.
Software development of all templates in HTML5 and CSS3 
Responsive design appearing equally on all types of desktop computers and browsers, and variations of Internet access speed 
Validating the website front-end code according to the specifications of World Wide Web Consortium
JavaScript development frameworks like Node, React, JavaScript and Angular 

Back-End Programming

We love this part. We adore the Django development framework.
Django and Grails as a core development tools and different SQL servers - PostgreSQL and MySQL
Django web framework for content rich websites implementation and content management system 
Flexible plugin architecture, required for SEO Optimization, Permission Management, Versioning, Multi-language, Media Asset Manager, and Dynamic sitemap and RSS feeds and many others
Security implementations on middleware, framework and site development level
Integration with the newsletter features like Mail Chimp or Send Grid
Management of the final installation on the hosting server


Independent automatic remote monitoring service of your website or web application. Eliminate the risk of failed Internet transactions and loss of revenue and credibility by getting an affordable and automatic 24/7 monitoring service with the following key features:  
Simultaneous multi-hop website monitoring from around the Globe
Precise error detection and 'triple stage' verification system
Forced monitoring upon error detection
Real-time alerts with flexible escalation

Administration and Support

Let us be your webmasters!
If your team does not have the internal capacity or the skills to manage your organisation's online resources you can outsource the webmaster work to us
We are able to manage to support all online resources including video, text and image content

Online Marketing and SEO

Speak to your customers. Drive your business to them. Boost your website or web application’s visibility in the search engines and maximized your reach through relevant search traffic.
Search engine optimisation including onsite and offsite activities
Advertising on Google Display Network, Google Search and YouTube
Mobile advertising and mobile analytics
Analysing heat-maps, scroll-maps and other analytical data

Project Management

Problem solving people with the ability to analyse the process and provide feedback to all sides.
Internal communication within the team based on the Agile methodology
Control and quality assurance
Communication through the Teamwork project management system
Training on the content management software and the application features
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