Banking and Finance of the Future

With INDUSTRIA banks and other financial institutions gain next-generation products and services.

Digital Banking

The rise of the digital economy is driving the fourth industrial revolution. Modern banking is blurring the lines between physical, digital and biological spheres. Traditional banks turn to us to help them reduce costs and attract new customers with innovations like modernized web and mobile presence, mobile and desktop electronic banking, robo advisors, online scoring, bank as a service and the implementation of the omni-channel approach or reaching the customers.
Modern banking applications optimized for web and mobile.
Composite applications that aggregate and unify data and functionality from your existing back-end systems into powerful business tools.
Flexible front-end solution that puts banks and credit unions back in control of their digital strategy.
Leverage your existing policy administration systems capabilities by adding a modern customer experience layer to streamline one-to-one customer dialogs. 


INDUSTRIA creates technology-driven intelligent systems, designed to help customers pick up the best investment product or bank package program. The benefits are expressed in new leads and improved customer retention.

Omnichannel in Banking

INDUSTRIA reinvents banking experience by delivering a consistent, appealing customer experience in the variety of touch-points (online banking, in a branch, by phone, or on a mobile banking app). Therefore, we improve the channels the client uses to interact with their bank. Our consulting services lead to less operational complexity for our clients and their employees. The improvement in the omnichannel approach leads to positive impact on risk, regulatory, and compliance functions together with a stronger customer engagement.
Empower bank customers with easy on-boarding and self-service capabilities on any device.
Data security - full technology stack to prevent and deal with hardware failures and viruses so that you can always rest knowing your information is available.
Intuitive interface - the most simple, intuitive desktop and mobile banking platform ever designed.
Simplicity over complexity – banking doesn’t have to be hard.

Digital Insurance

Within the next few years 80% of the consumers worldwide will use a digital channel for purchasing insurance products. Many of the insurance companies worldwide don’t have a plan for digital transition, many lack clear vision for implementing compliance and risk processes when dealing with customers online.

INDUSTRIA provides digital innovation and helps insurance companies redesigning their processes for the improvement of the Оmni channel sales and the distribution model. We also help insurance companies improve connect with customers’ personal finance management (PFM) services, we bring blockchain for safekeeping insurance history, advisory services.


Originally this is the underlying technology, powering the Bitcoin currency, now blockchain is disrupting the traditional financial services by providing more democratized services to wider audience. At present INDUSTRIA is researching and testing different software solutions that will enable banks use the blockchain technology in order to trade loans, bonds and other assets.
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