Internal Start-up Incubation and Support

Save money and time - launch minimum viable product.


Often our clients come with great idea for a new business or knowledge how to disrupt existing one. They are passionate about their thoughts and want to start the development immediately. Instead of this, we first provide strategy and actionable plan.
Test the idea by exposing an early version of the product to the target users and customers
Support external start-ups with venture capital, angel and contacts and internal start-ups with know-how
Partnership with founding teams to help tackle the EU and the US markets


Not long ago, launching a successful start-up took a lot: A lot of money, a lot of people, and a lot of time. Nowadays, we have better technologies that allow us to build web applications and mobile applications much faster.
Support and develop entrepreneurs' products
Help clients spend less time and effort to create their products
Create innovative and functional design


Unlike traditional software development companies, we don’t just accept product requirements and produce code. Instead, our process begins with product strategy, user stories, user experience testing, and interviews.
Build minimum viable product
Provide deep development experience in launching start-ups
Initiate regular meetings with entrepreneurs to discus the project in progress


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