Outsourced Software Development

We build large websites, enterprise software and mobile apps.

Server Side Technologies

The back-end programming is our daily bread and butter. On top of all web application and enterprise software technologies, we enjoy working with the Django development framework and we are actively contributing for its ecosystem.
Django, Python, Flask, Celery
Grails, Groovy, Java
Nginx, Apache, Memcached, RabbitMQ 
PostgreSQL, MySQL, Oracle Database
Oracle Appliance Solutions, Oracle APEX

Client Side Technologies

Our team is passionate about placing things in order and getting rid of complexity.
Information architecture and UX/UI prototypes
Usability focused design approach
Тested web design and data dissemination experience
Responsive website and application design
Twitter Bootstrap
AngularJS, jQuery, ReactJS

Mobile Solutions

At INDUSTRIA we build a team with profound knowledge and experience in mobile app and website development so if the technological decision is the hybrid app, we are the right team for the job.
Hybrid applications for iOS, Android, Blackberry 10 and Windows Mobile
UX/UI for all smartphone and tablet screen resolutions 
HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, Canvas, SVG 
Cordova, PhoneGap 
Enterprise mobility, micro kiosks, payments systems and RFID 
Mobile analytics 

Quality Assurance

As more and more vital data is stored in web applications and the number of transactions on the web increases proper testing is needed. In order to maintain high-quality of the development we produce:
Code review, unit testing
Automated tests with Selenium
Functional testing, Usability testing
Security testing (injections, XSS,  etc.)

Project Management

The PM’s at INDUSTRIA share a secret. They know how to manage expectations and making sure everyone in the team understands their role in the project.
Deep knowledge and understanding of clients' needs.
Project scheduling into phases and stages and delivering the project on time.
Extensive testing, fine tuning, smooth and flawless implementation.
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