In this rapidly changing and complex world, KnowRisk helps businesses and insurers better identify, monitor and manage risk across entire supply chains. The platform delivers digital twins of the risk factors by combining insurance, audit and internal company data, and by using an intelligent approach based on distributed ledger technologies and artificial intelligence.


Intelligent Risk Management

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KnowRisk Consortium


By using behavioural sciences and predictive modelling, Elbow is allowing companies to build trust with their clients and significantly improve default management outcomes. The system sends specifically tailored nudge messages, keeps track of them and automatically measures their effectiveness and their impact to improve the messaging strategy and debt collection.


Debt collections, Finance

Elbow - Nudging debt collection


Economic Development Coins are the digital asset class that will transform SME financing by connecting the gap between the supply-side institutional, VC/PE and the development organisation pool of investment funds. They bring the opportunity of profitable growth at a natural pace, reduce risk and exposure, ensure complete transparency and greater liquidity.



Economic Development Coins


An independent and automated system that improves the verification and tracking of renewable energy by increasing transparency for the entire market, reducing settlement times for the generator, and providing customers control over their energy portfolio. By using distributed ledger technology (DLT), PowerRegistry provides an efficient and error-proof platform.


Renewable energy

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Rouster is a credit card-sized personal computer powered by a subscription cloud service. It provides fast, easy and secure access to applications, documents and resources from anywhere, anytime, and on any supported device - laptop, desktop, tablet, game console, etc.



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Rouster - The only computer you'll ever need


TrueDataShareâ„¢ virtual data room combines security and high speed with a beautiful and simple design. Built especially for corporate finance advisors, regulated industries and international companies, the virtual data room is the most advanced available to support international M&A and joint venture transactions.



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TrueDataShare - Virtual Data Rooms
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Enterprise Blockchain

By comprehending the individual needs of each enterprise, we serve as a 'one-stop-shop' for everything blockchain-related.

Smart Legal Contracts

We give in customers' hands the powerful legal tool that can reshape and automate contractual relationships to secure a solid business value growth.

Application Development

We convert the needs and goals of our customers into reliable software, including solutions for FinTech and banking, Android and iOS apps with high functionality as well as delightful websites.

User Experience

As behind every great product stands a great, simple, and precisely planned UX design, we always focus on solutions needed for enterprises to optimise their work.

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