Our portfolio is our pride and joy! Have a look at some of the notable names which built their digital products of the future with INDUSTRIA.

Rebalance Earth

Together with Rebalance Earth, we are building а global ecosystem service platform for valuing and funding keystone species.

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R3 Tooling Design System

We dedicated our knowledge to developing a client-centralised design system satisfying the needs of R3 and the Corda developers without compromising any of them.

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KnowRisk: Open-source Distributed Ledger Risk Management Platform

Together with KnowRisk, we are changing the way accountancy, insurance, and legal firms operate and make money.

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Case Studies

We take each project on a case-by-case basis, ensuring a tailored approach and optimal results. Dive deeper into some of our completed projects and discover how we helped our clients.

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Enterprise Blockchain

By comprehending the individual needs of each enterprise, we serve as a 'one-stop-shop' for everything blockchain-related.

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Smart Contracts

We give in customers' hands the powerful legal tool that can reshape and automate contractual relationships to secure a solid business value growth.

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Application Development

We convert the needs and goals of our customers into reliable software, including solutions for FinTech and banking, Android and iOS apps with high functionality as well as delightful websites.

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User Experience

As behind every great product stands a great, simple, and precisely planned UX design, we always focus on solutions needed for enterprises to optimise their work.

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We empower and support emerging technologies to help them grow and disrupt the market. With a focus on partnership, we work with founders to unlock or accelerate value creation and rapidly achieve their mission.


By being part of broader ecosystems, we succeed to bring the desired digital innovation to our clients. Learn more about the world's leading technology firms and industry bodies INDUSTRIA has shaped stable relationships with.

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