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Overview & Benefits

INDUSTRIA is developing enterprise blockchain solutions, based on the Corda Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT). We remove costly friction in business transactions by enabling businesses across different industries to transact directly. This dramatically increases efficiency in complex business operations by guaranteeing that all parties are always in sync, thereby unlocking new potential for firms to grow and transform their businesses.

Using smart contract and blockchain technology, the blockchain consultancy and development services we are offering allow existing business networks to reduce transaction and record-keeping costs and to streamline business operations. Corda enables an interoperable, open network that empowers organizations to collaborate and transfer value directly with trust.

Direct transactions between businesses create new efficiencies and dramatically reduce operational costs. Businesses from different industries gain better liquidity and capital management, fraud is minimized with verifiable linked records, and settlement time for transactions is dramatically reduced. These occur with the ability to verify the counterparties and properties of transactions for risk reduction.

As an enterprise blockchain platform Corda also enables new revenue opportunities and is in the centre of your digital transformation. Transactions that were once out of reach for the businesses will now become possible. For example, a direct connection to business partners opens new markets and expands the possibilities to grow or evolve a business. There is also an opportunity for the creation of new business networks that were not existent or impossible to create without the trust that blockchain technology provides.

By implementing Corda in your ecosystem, we provide a platform for businesses to work together. It is an open source technology platform and also available as Corda Enterprise. As a component of an overall technology stack, it forms the foundation of next-generation IT infrastructure.

Operating as a shared platform, the enterprise blockchain enables a wide set of use cases and stakeholders. INDUSTRIA is also actively working to integrate Corda with the legacy system, industrial Internet of Things (IoT) frameworks, deep learning AI platforms and another broad set of solutions. We set focus on simplicity of development and interoperability.


Use Case Identification

Learn where and when blockchain makes sense for the given enterprise or ecosystem.

Define use cases that are addressing business challenges.

Assess how well the defined use cases leverage the strengths of the enterprise blockchain.

Evaluate the use cases on visibility, feasibility and desirability.

Proof of Concept Creation

Define the Minimum Viable Ecosystem (MVE) and onboard the team.

Create the functional and technical architecture for the blockchain solution.

Identify how the Corda technology stack fits in the needs of the particular use case.

Develop iteratively the proof of concept using an agile development methodology.

Scaling of the Blockchain Solution

Develop the additional blockchain use cases needed by the business or the ecosystem.

Expand the product by creating operating models and governance.

Pilot the enterprise blockchain solution in a live production environment.

Design the roll-out strategy and integrate the blockchain with the legacy systems.



The financial services industry formed the earliest and most demanding use cases for the enterprise blockchain and the distributed ledger technology.

Asset Tokenisation

Tokenisation is the process of converting some form of asset into a token that can be moved, recorded, or stored on a blockchain system (in our case the distributed ledger platform Corda).


The enterprise blockchain technology has the potential to revolutionize construction financing through smart transactions and a massive digital and decentralized financial system.

Supply Chain

A verifiable, trusted, and immutable chain of data is a necessity for the supply chain network. We support this enhancement in order to provide more efficient access to trade and finance services.

Trade Finance

Corda enables business networks to collaborate on areas such as documentation approvals for customs, port authorities or other entities. It also facilitates payment and release of goods.


Corda automates the processes related to issues and claims with the use of smart contracts, reduces informational asymmetries, and allows information sharing on a need-to-know basis.


We use the blockchain technology to unite disparate processes within the healthcare industry, increase data flow, and reduce costs, resulting in improved patient experience and outcomes.


An enterprise blockchain technology like Corda reduces the need for government involvement in transactions with immutable records and atomic transactions and minimises the risk of fraud or error.

Technology Stack

Corda Corda

An open-source blockchain platform developed by R3 in partnership with industry-leading companies. Corda is a blockchain software that combines innovative technology with privacy, scalability, and governance.

Corda Enterprise Corda Enterprise

A commercial distribution of Corda, specially designed for mission-critical and heavy-duty applications. It includes a proprietary Blockchain Application Firewall, support for Oracle and SQL Server Databases, 24/7 technical support, enhanced security, high availability, disaster recovery, high-performance modes, and many other features.

Accord Project Accord Project

A solution that helps us deliver customer-centric legal and business solutions faster, and at lower cost while focusing on the creation of the so called 'Smart Legal Contracts' - a growing phenomenon that connects traditional legal agreements to external sources of data, enterprise technology, and online services.


Technology is constantly changing the established workflows and processes in the financial services industry. The picture of a financial world with paper money, bulky computers, and human interaction is vanishing. Tasks customers do now are being completed entirely via digital interfaces. Innovations in technology and user experience create massive disruption opportunity for the FinTech start-ups. Some of the new companies that had received investments for new products are re-imagining almost every type of financial activity. At the same time, existing companies, such as the established banks, are trying to solve the puzzle the FinTech revolution presents – how to benefit from the rise of the digital and at the same time avoid becoming obsolete.

Whatever the use case is, INDUSTRIA is helping companies design and build incredible FinTech apps, products, and services.


INDUSTRIA was born 15 years ago, in the middle of the Internet revolution. Since then, we have made our way from a small agency focusing merely on websites to a solid full-stack FinTech development company. We create customer-service interfaces and FinTech solutions for banking and financial services providers.

Through a combination of technical innovation and customer understanding, we deliver products that engage users and achieve the objectives of your business. Our commitment and quality performance have been proven over 15 years of financial technology experience with mutual trust and lasting partnerships with our clients.

Digitalisation is driving the fourth industrial revolution. Modern banking will continue to enhance the convergence of physical, virtual and remote interaction, with the customer as the focus of strategy and operations. Customer service and customer experience technologies will help providers meet and exceed customer expectations.

Our financial services clients turn to us for cost reduction solutions, improving the online banking experience, and for advice and implementation of innovative customer-facing technologies. We have extensive experience in the FinTech field and work with our financial services clients to help them to maximise the opportunities of the changing technological and customer environment.

We are a preferred technological and customer-experience partner to many financial services institutions. We understand the complexity and regulation of the sector and the organisations it comprises, as well as the individuality of each provider. Through dedication and professionalism, we deliver innovative solutions and ensure the success of your business.


Analysing Business Needs

The goal at this stage is to find out how and where the software product and the data inputs or outputs required will be used. It is concluded with a requirement specification document mapping everything involved in the gathering and analysis activities.


Building upon your corporate identity (or creating one, if necessary) INDUSTRIA develops interaction and visual design of banking and finance solutions so they correspond to your business objectives and deliver optimal user experience.


We develop secure solutions for your banking services to ensure that no private data will be affected by malicious employees or inside threats. Our products have several security levels - security of system operations, network security, database and middleware security, and user profile security.


Tests help determine if the product meets the business needs of the target consumers. In addition to functional and non-functional testing, we test usability with real users, aiming for the best possible user experience.


After the initial deployment, we usually carry out beta testing to identify and fix any remaining issues before final deployment. Final deployment can only happen when the software engineers fix any bugs that the beta testers found.


This stage focuses on helping you through problems when using the FinTech software. In addition, we provide SEO services and content strategies to improve your website’s visibility and user experience, employing the latest techniques and effective tactics.

Use Cases

Robo Advisors

INDUSTRIA develops technology-driven intelligent systems, designed to help customers get the best investment product or bank package programme. The benefits are expressed in new leads and improved customer retention. The Robo Advisors we create reduce the costs of professionally managed investment assistance.

Desktop and Mobile Banking Interface

We have developed in-house processes that ensure the delivery of customer-centric online and mobile banking interfaces, starting with understanding the requirements and priorities of both customers and the bank. In close collaboration with your team, we analyse the specificities and priorities of your organisation and create solutions that meet your needs, goals and technological requirements.

Insurance Frontend Systems

Our portfolio includes web and mobile apps that enable customers to purchase insurance products, submit claims, pay policy instalments, and receive payment and renewal notifications upon insurance expiry or payment due dates. Such solutions help customers go through application and renewal procedures quickly and easily and monitor their sensitive insurance related information.

Robotics Process Automation

Robotics is beginning to have a profound effect on the banking and finance industry especially as a replacement for repetitive, routine tasks. Our solutions allow software robots to do the manual work quickly, accurately, and tirelessly. Human resources can focus on doing value-added tasks that require human-specific abilities such as emotional intelligence, reasoning, judgment, and interaction with the customer.

Technology Stack

Python Python

It is the most used language in the FinTech world that lets you work more quickly and integrate your systems more effectively. It is applicable to data science and machine learning, script writing, and automation. We use Python for back-end development with fantastic tools such as Django and Flask. Connected technology solutions built on Python include robot process automation, building IoT solutions, home automation, renewable energy, smart agriculture, and many more.

JavaScript JavaScript

For FinTech founders, selecting the languages and frameworks that form your core product will have serious implications over the lifespan of the product. Therefore we have carefully chosen the two most recognised client-side JavaScript application platforms (Angular and React), that help us build fantastic functionality-rich client-side interfaces for desktop and mobile, in keeping with the best security practices for JavaScript.


Tokuda Bank

15 years of Modernising Banking and Financial Sector

We built INDUSTRIA 15 years ago, in the middle of the Internet revolution. Most of our clients like UniCredit, Raiffeisenbank and UNIQA come from the bank and financial sectors and have been with us throughout the years.

We always aim to deliver high quality and on time, treating our clients as our long-term partners. Now we help them innovate again with implementing DLT/blockchain, reduce cost and improve trust.




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Sofia, Bulgaria
Sofia, Bulgaria

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