Blockchain for the Enterprise

Significantly reducing your costs and complexity of doing business.



A holistic approach

At INDUSTRIA, we create Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) solutions for large enterprises, marketplaces and ecosystems. The products we develop are aligned with the needs of the financial and many other sectors. Our holistic approach towards the technology enables us to form the foundation for your next-generation DLT/Blockchain infrastructure and applications.

Our mission is to become the leading provider of enterprise-grade Blockchain/DLT consulting and development services in the EU and the UK.


15 years of Modernising Banking and Financial Sector

We built INDUSTRIA 15 years ago, in the middle of the Internet revolution. Most of our clients like UniCredit, Raiffeisen Bank and UNIQA come from the bank and financial sectors and have been with us throughout the years.

We always aim to deliver high quality and on time, treating our clients as our long-term partners. Now we help them innovate again with implementing DLT/blockchain, reduce cost and improve trust.


Blockchain Evangelists

At INDUSTRIA we are true believers that blockchain and DLT are the technologies of trust, recording the movement of goods and data in a tamper-proof and secure way. Witnessing technological revolutions for the past 15 years, we recognize that through the principles of the coopetition a new and upcoming trend is about to bring the next level of efficiency for different markets and ecosystem.



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