We believe that disruptive innovation combined with human power can solve many of today's challenges, including reducing environmental pollution, carbon emissions, and material waste.

We see the great potential in technology, and we aim to help businesses stay innovative, effective, and practical while also making a better world for future generations.

For us, sustainability means developing solutions that improve energy efficiency and material productivity. It means partnering with businesses to help them grow and create lasting value, and it also means empowering every employee to make meaningful changes with us.

Our Story

Back in 2002, in the midst of the Internet revolution, we established INDUSTRIA (from the Latin wordfor diligence) - a company loaded with bold visions and unlimited enthusiasm to build effective digital engineering solutions powered by the latest technologies.

What has changed for 20 years?

We've expanded our team and know-how simultaneously. Today, we are a circle of experts passionate about their work and have the unique ability to see the big picture while being able to immerse themselves in the code to make things more perfect. Moreover, we've built a solid portfolio we are proud of! It consists of renowned businesses, government bodies and NGOs.

What has not changed for almost 2 decades?

We've managed to preserve our initial enthusiasm for disruptive technologies and digital transformation. We even doubled it!


Armed with the right set of skills and collaborating with trustworthy partners, we are on a mission to carve out a path towards the future. We’re interested in shaping industry and tackling society’s problems with the full potential of blockchain and DLT technologies.

R3 is an enterprise blockchain software company developing Corda, an open-source blockchain platform, and Corda Enterprise, a commercial version of Corda for enterprise usage.

Camunda enables some of the most competitive organisations around the world to orchestrate and automate complex processes in a new way.

The Accord Project is a non-profit, collaborative initiative developing an ecosystem and open source tools specifically for smart contracts.

British Blockchain Association promotes the comprehensive adoption of Blockchain technology and DLT across the public and private sectors in the world.

The Nordic Blockchain Association connects organizations, developers, students, and enthusiasts, who wish to be part of the knowledge sharing and development of blockchain technology.

APPG Blockchain’s mission is to ensure that industry and society benefit from the full potential of blockchain and other DLT.

Union of Arab Banks is an organisation responsible for fostering cooperation between Arab banks, developing financial businesses and enhancing their financial role in the market.

BBBA is a dynamic network that aims to provide a professional environment for the business people and individuals who make up the British-Bulgarian business community.

Professional Association of Robotics and Automation supports Bulgaria’s growth on the CEE technology frontier through partnerships, knowledge and global best practices.

BSN is a cross-cloud, cross-portal, and cross-framework global public infrastructure network used to deploy and operate all types of blockchain distributed applications (DApps).

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Mission & Values

INDUSTRIA creates opportunities for success by providing quality technology solutions for organisations globally.

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