What Does CBDC Mean for Central Banks?

It means faster and more immediate wire transfers, operating 24/7. It means full control over creating and managing money, over inflation and deflation. It also means security, efficiency, equality.

All hardcoded into CBDC.

And that’s just the start.

  • Supporting a resilient payments landscape.
  • Avoiding the risks of new forms of private money creation.
  • Supporting competition, efficiency and innovation in payments.
  • Meeting future payment needs in a digital economy.
  • Improving the availability and usability of central bank money.
  • Addressing the consequences of a decline in cash.
  • Enabling frictionless cross‐border payments.

A New Frontier for Banking

Wholesale CBDC is faster, cheaper, and safer. Digitize bank reserves and add value to every transaction.

Taking Money Further

Initiate cross-border payments safely and securely. Trade on your own terms and keep business close to home.

Amplifying Economic Growth

Open up to the world with Commercial & Retail CBDC. Provide utility and foster equality for corporations and individuals alike.

How We Approach CBDC

Governance & Consultancy

We’ll create a knowledge base for you, as well as provide training and certification programs.

We’ll also help identify the governing, operating, and supervising bodies related to your CBDC ecosystem and legally advise you every step of the way, keeping up with your emerging needs.

We can create a knowledge base and provide training programs
Framework, management structure, and configuration in accordance with your needs

A Complete Sandbox

We’ll prepare the project framework, management structure, and initial configuration in accordance with your needs.

We build our sandboxes on R3’s industry-standard CBDC solution. After initial installation, your PoC or PoV undergoes rigorous real-world testing, which can be provided both on-site and remotely. Our solution is entirely plug-and-play, deployable in weeks, not months.

The Tools You Need

When you’re ready to grow your CBDC network, we can make your platform truly shine. We’ve built a growing number of tools and functionalities to help you create the ecosystem that will best fit your needs.

Your testing environment’s features can be further expanded with Commercial and Retail APIs, Market Orchestration DApps, KYC and AML solutions, and much more.

Tools and functionalities for the ecosystem that best fits your needs

Powerful Solutions for a Digital Future

Wholesale Interbank Networks

A Control Dashboard with a complete set of modules.

Retail Transaction Networks

Control over every aspect of P2B and B2B payments.

Market Orchestration (CorDApps)

Identity Management, KYC and AML integration based on Smart Contracts.

Modular Frameworks for Web & Mobile

Frontend SDKs for customer-centric products.

Commercial API

Governed API definitions and methods for a wide variety of B2B payment needs.

Retail API

Open Banking API for creating integration points with existing and new systems.

Stablecoin & Public DLT Extensions

Public ledger connector for existing stablecoins.


Integration with existing KYC and AML solutions.

Risk & Compliance

Real-time monitoring of domestic and cross-border operations, including compliance checks.

Training & Certification

Development of innovation-driven training and certification programs.

Real Growth at Every Step

Each phase of the project is broken down into several smaller, attainable goals. You’ll have a real, tangible product that consistently improves week-over-week.

  1. Laying the Groundwork

    You tell us what you need, we build you a working demo.

  2. Proof of Concept

    We fine-tune the product based on additional testing.

  3. Initial Launch

    Your product is ready to debut in the real world.

  4. Prime Time

    Your product is ready to change the world.

Let’s Talk CBDC

We’d love to hear from you!

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