Why is eBL Superior?

eBL solves problems across the entire trade finance spectrum. It provides complete transparency, maximises efficiency for all processes and significantly cuts costs.

Built-In Trust

Meet the needs of buyers, sellers, banks and regulators by setting up contracts that are tamper-proof, decentralised and functionally equivalent to paper.

Custom Workflows

Augment existing processes or structure new ones. Automate each step throughout the entire lifecycle.

Accelerated Trade

Save on demurrage, delay penalties and courier services. Save time at every junction. Establish brand new revenue streams.

How We Can Make It a Reality

Promoting Efficiency Throughout

We’ll analyse every stage of a deal’s lifecycle and replicate the entire process.

Each human task is broken down into smaller steps and distributed between parties. You only see what you need to and the system takes care of the rest.

Projects are built from the ground up, so every detail is accounted for and easily integrated into existing legacy systems.

Efficiency - every detail is easily integrated into existing legacy systems.
Everything is immediate, secure, and legally binding.

Full Legal Framework Automation

Accountability to buyer and seller banks, compliance to regulatory bodies, payment processing, everything can be hardcoded into your eBL.

Everything is immediate, secure, and legally binding. Our solution is fully P&I Club-certified.

Analyse, Iterate, Excel

INDUSTRIA software comes with multiple dashboards that provide powerful analytics in real-time.

A layer of deep metadata analysis tools is built on top of that, so you can consistently improve workflow, optimise task management and a lot more.

Analytics in real-time, consistently improve workflow and optimise task management.
Solution built on Corda eBL, the leading choice for blockchain platforms.

Built on Corda, Aligned with Industry Standards

Our solution is built on Corda eBL, the leading choice for blockchain platforms. We create tailored software solutions on top, according to your needs.

Corda eBL is fully compliant with eUCP/UCP 600, ICC Incoterms, ICC e-Terms, UNCITRAL Model Laws on e-Commerce, digital signatures, MLETR, Digital Container Shipping Association (DCSA) and Digital Standards Initiative (DSI) requirements.

Go Further

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Enterprise Blockchain

By comprehending the individual needs of each enterprise, we serve as a 'one-stop-shop' for everything blockchain-related.

Smart Legal Contracts

We give in customers' hands the powerful legal tool that can reshape and automate contractual relationships to secure a solid business value growth.

Application Development

We convert the needs and goals of our customers into reliable software, including solutions for FinTech and banking, Android and iOS apps with high functionality as well as delightful websites.

User Experience

As behind every great product stands a great, simple, and precisely planned UX design, we always focus on solutions needed for enterprises to optimise their work.