The client

We developed the client onboarding application and the public website of the Corda Network Foundation.


Analysis, Information Architecture, Interactive Design, UX design, Development.


An elegant, minimalistic website with a user-friendly onboarding process.



Corda Network user-friendly onboarding process

The Challenge

The main challenge was to decide on how to make the complex onboarding process as simple as possible. From a technical point of view, our challenge was how to use the GitHub pages for content management, without compromising the quality of the design. Other challenges we faced were the complex tie with back-end, multiple eligibility checking services, and the coordination of multiple user roles and statuses.

The Solution

Through many iterations and regular communication with the client, we defined what the key interaction points are and tried to make the application as user-friendly as possible for both end-users and employees of the foundation.

We wanted to create the experience for both types of users (Participants and Administrators) as seamless as possible. Participants can review the public content of the website, start the onboarding process, and update their profile. Administrators could at any time log in and help Participants. What is interesting and made the onboarding process a bit more complex for us to design is that the Corda Network allows two types of Participants (Direct and Intergroup Sponsor, who's eligible to add other participants to the network). Moreover, users can partake in a test network only or both test and production networks.

We started thinking of ways to make login simple and realised that the conventional password login is probably not the most suitable solution. Therefore, we developed an easy log in with a magic link. The main part of our work was to make the onboarding process as transparent, accurate and predictable as possible. We realised that it is complex and requires a lot of user action by default. Therefore, we have built it as a multi-step wizard, an interactive visualisation that not only indicates what the past and next steps are but also provides contextual information about each step and user progress.

Once the onboarding process is completed, users access their account, where they can create Corda network configuration files for test and production, look at their corporate information, and monitor billing information for their account.

Corda Network User profile page with the option for files configuration and account information


The technologies we employed in the execution of the project are HTML 5, CSS3, React and Redux, which, in combination with our developers' expertise, delivered outstanding results.

  • html 5
  • css 3
  • react
  • redux

The Results

Our experts managed to design complex processes and structure in a simple, easily comprehensible manner. As a result, the client received a minimalistic, modern website and contextual display of supporting information - transparency and simplicity of the onboarding process by maximising efficiency and minimising frustration along the way.

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An elegant, minimalistic website with a user-friendly onboarding process.

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