The client

We aimed to design a solution that presents the rich content in a comprehensive, engaging way and follows all legal and administrative requirements.


Research, Strategy, User Experience, Front-end development, Back-end development, SEO, Content management.


A clean, useful design that does not distract the end-user. Reporting tools displaying the latest activities and achievements of the Ministry of Health, as well as mechanisms to foster two-sided communication.



Ministry of Health comprehensive and engaging page with information for citizens

The Challenge

The Ministry of Health — Bulgaria is a public institution, responsible for improving the state of the nation’s health through implementing policies for integrated prevention, early diagnostics and effective disease treatment. The website craved a complete reconstitution and brand new approach to communicate with the end-users.

It was our mission to create a representative website that serves the information needs of all stakeholders.The website had to present the rich and complex content in a comprehensive manner compliant with all legal and administrative requirements.

The Solution

The project started with thorough research on the target audience, and analysis of their information demands, perceived deficiencies of the current website and optimization opportunities.

Our team worked closely with both institutional experts and end-users to filter and properly structure the content. Examples of the methods we employed are card sorting (at the information architecture stage) and early prototype testing by end-users (at both the design and information architecture stages).

To secure the achievement of the required standard, we created an easy-to-use content management system that supports the administrators and gives a clear track record of admins’ actions and entries. Furthermore, we worked along with administrators to set content management rules of thumb and conducted admin training.

We ensured that the content is both understandable and compliant to the existing administrative and legal requirements. Along with decision-makers and admins within the Ministry, we developed feedback mechanisms to enable dialogue, as well as reporting tools to ensure better accountability.

An easily understandable Ministry of Health page with EU programs


To create the website of the Ministry of Health - Bulgaria, we adhered to a functional technology framework that allowed us to facilitate our developers' work. We strived to deliver a clean design and user-friendly content management system which would enable easy platform management.

  • html 5
  • css 3
  • javascript
  • python
  • django

The Results

Our experts completed the entire project in 2 months - from design, through information architecture and programming, to content optimization and transfer of over 200 pages, 5700 news articles and 3600 files, after we filtered out the outdated and duplicated information.

  • Clear structure, organized by the type of audience
  • The unique content of every page, “translated” for non-experts
  • Mechanisms to foster two-sided communication
  • Reporting tools displaying the latest activities and achievements of the Ministry of Health
  • A minimalistic timeless design that allows users to focus on the vital information
  • Easily operated content management system

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A representative website with a clean, useful design that does not distract the end-user and serves the information needs of all stakeholders.

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