The client

To design and develop the R3 design system in order to unify the look and feel of the corporate website, partner and community websites, different presentation and communication materials.


UX design, Front-end development, Testing and User adoption.


R3 tooling design system ensures a functional and well-structured interface with consistent UI through different projects and applications, accessible and intuitive with well-performing in high-risk scenarios components.


Technologies, Blockchain



R3 tooling design system - a functional and well-structured interface

The Challenge

R3 is a global technology company focused on the Corda blockchain platform and solutions development. Addressing the need for a unified solution for all its corporate and partner resources, including websites, different presentations and communication materials, we dedicated our knowledge to developing a client-centralised design system satisfying the needs of R3 and the Corda developers without compromising any of them.

Client-centralised design system satisfying the needs of R3 and Corda developers
The solution is fusing IoT, AI and distributed ledger technologies around standardised data models

Design debt is the overabundance of non-reusable and inconsistent styles and conventions, and the impossible task of maintaining them. By ensuring a scalable and efficient design tooling system we not only cut down the weight that slows growth but also let R3 products expose their full potential.

Optimising development processes lead to a reduction of cost, effort, and resources required to build a new product. One of the best pros of the design system is the reduction of lines of code to scantly a few characters. Standardising naming conventions, accessibility requirements, and file structure help teams work consistently and prevent errors.

Peer-to-peer distributed ledger technologies (DLT) and cryptographic techniques

Create consistency

The consistent usage of standardised components ensures the creation of more predictable and convenient applications. Not only that but favors the developers in the creation of quality-assured products.

The process behind the system

By using an agile approach, we separated the project into one or two weeks sprints. The design and development stages ran simultaneously, ensuring the delivery of ready components at the end of each sprint.

Peer-to-peer distributed ledger technologies (DLT) and cryptographic techniques


  • html 5
  • css 3
  • javascript
  • python

The Results

As a result, the design system ensures that:

  • Interface is functional, well structured and logically organised.
  • UI is consistent through different projects and applications.
  • Applications are accessible and easy to use.
  • Interface development is fast and frictionless.
  • Components behave well in high-risk scenarios.

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